Lunar Gatherings - Mindful Movements & Breath (IT)

Starts on Saturday, 22/06/2024
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Lunar Gatherings

Every month the energy of the full moon brings us the opportunity to release emotions, experiences, behaviour and thought patterns, and outdated beliefs.

We are excited to offer a series of sacred gatherings, where we create a safe space to connect with each other, meet like-minded people to reflect, cleanse and manifest your intention each month.

Together, we harness the energies of the moon to illuminate all areas of your life through different rituals and ceremonies.


Lunar Gatherings - Movimento consapevole e respiro 90 min with @nuramayoga

In questa luna piena nel segno del capricorno Chiara ti guiderà attraverso il movimento consapevole e il respiro.

Muoverai il corpo in una sequenza dinamica di gesti semplici ed intensi per liberare e rilasciare le emozioni che spesso si accumulano nel corpo creando blocchi e tensioni. Un viaggio di riscoperta ed ascolto per riappropriarti del corpo, sentirlo e percepirlo nello spazio, chiudendo gli occhi e seguendo il ritmo del tuo respiro.

Inizierai gradualmente a comprendere come il corpo e il respiro sono uniti e indissolubilmente legati portando poi l’attenzione della mente ad ogni singolo gesto, sensazione, respiro, ritrovando così la profonda connessione tra mente, corpo e respiro.

Teacher :


Chiara is a yoga and meditation teacher. In her classes she blends both aspects to offer a diverse and complete experience. She practices and teaches Hatha flow, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Anapana Sati and Vipassana meditation. Her first love was dance to which she owes her creative vein and interest in bodily and emotional expression. She believes enormously in the power of breath and movement to give voice to emotions, develop a strong sense of presence and expand the silence of the mind, thereby cultivating stillness in daily life. His yoga practices will accompany you in the conscious observation of the sensations you will experience through the asanas, meditation, breathing and deep relaxation that closes each of his classes, helping you to regain harmony between body and mind, calm, balance and renewed well-being. Each movement, each breath, will be an opportunity to get deeply in touch with yourself, to slow down and feel connected again to the flow of life.


1.22/06/202418:00 - 19:30Piavestraße 15, 39100 BozenChiara

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