The Art of Cacao Ceremony & Reiki with the yin yang sisters (EN)

Starts on Sunday, 29/10/2023
Price 40.00 €


A guided self-reiki healing session complimented with a cacao ceremony and relaxation.

Join us for a morning to give to yourself and to bring balance to your day with the use of a Japanese energy healing technique and the plant medicine and wisdom of cacao from Guatemala.

We will begin the session by using the gentle touch of our own hands as you will experience and will be guided through a basic reiki meditation that you can repeat and take with you to ground and center yourself. We will tap into our mind, body and emotions in this session and you will will be able to repeat this exercise at home whenever you need some minutes of peace and relaxation. 

After we are in sync with our body and our breath, you will experience the magic of a cacao ceremony and enjoy a cup of organic, ceremonial-grade cacao that we import directly from the source in Guatemala. Cacao helps you connect to your heart, allowing you to slow down, to be present in body and mind, to enjoy the moment letting the spirit of cacao guide you on your inner journey.

Trainer :

yin yang sisters

We are Arianna (Ari) and Lauren (Lulu) and together we are the Yin Yang Sisters! As individuals we are unique and come from different corners of this earth, but when we are together, we create magic and cannot stop laughing and smiling while doing so! That’s the power of our friendship and working together as a team. We are looking forward to treating you!


1.29/10/202308:30 - 10:00Piavestraße 15, 39100 Bozenyin yang sisters

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