The Art of Sound & Meditation / Sound Bath with the yin yang sisters

Starts on Friday, 27/10/2023
Price 35.00 €


The Art of Meditation and Sound, is the ideal remedy after a day of traveling and a busy week to ground you, center you and to allow you to begin to receive. During the crystal alchemy soundbath, sound waves, their vibrations and their beautiful tones will gently wash over your body and will embrace you like a warm, loving hug. This ritual will help you to feel more grounded, relaxed and will allow your body and nervous system to receive and to restore. Twelve unique crystal alchemy singing bowls will take you to a new universe.At the same time, by stimulating your senses, you may spark new ideas or have some creative “ah ha!” moments. Join us and see what the Art of Sound has to teach you!

Trainer :

yin yang sisters

We are Arianna (Ari) and Lauren (Lulu) and together we are the Yin Yang Sisters! As individuals we are unique and come from different corners of this earth, but when we are together, we create magic and cannot stop laughing and smiling while doing so! That’s the power of our friendship and working together as a team. We are looking forward to treating you!


1.27/10/202318:30 - 20:00Piavestraße 15, 39100 Bozenyin yang sisters

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