Lunar Gatherings - Cacao Ceremony (IT/DE/EN)

Starts on Wednesday, 27/12/2023
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Lunar Gatherings

Every Full Moon 9-11 pm in arise Body & Mind 

Every month the energy of the full moon brings us the opportunity to release emotions, experiences, behavior and thought patterns, and outdated beliefs. 

We are excited to offer a series of sacred gatherings, where we create a safe space to connect with each other, meet like-minded people to reflect, cleanse and manifest your intention each month.

Together, we harness the energies of the moon to illuminate all areas of your life through different rituals and ceremonies. 


In this Full Moon in Cancer Arianna will guide you though a Cacao Ceremony and Visualisation Journey.

Chemically speaking, chocolate is truly the best food in the world. With more than 300 chemical compounds, cacao, also called food of the gods, is one of the most complex and pleasantly satisfying foods on the planet. Cacao helps you connect to your heart, allowing you to slow down, to be present in body and mind, to enjoy the moment by letting the spirit of cocoa guide you on your inner journey. In the Cacao Ceremony you will taste ceremonial pure cacao, learn the health and spiritual benefits of this plant and how to prepare it at home to transform it into a moment of well-being. Meditation, visualization exercises and journaling will complete the experience. In this practice I will guide you through a multi-sensory experience for mind, body and soul.

Trainer :


Arianna Piazzi is a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach, certified by the New York Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). She combines yang yoga flows with traditional chinese medicine and yin spiritual practices like sound baths and cacao ceremonies. Her aim is to get you out of the busy daily life to rediscover joy, inspiration, creativity, lightness and pleasure, offering you an invitation to slow down and tune in to your senses.


1.27/12/202318:00 - 19:30Piavestraße 15, 39100 BozenArianna

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