Lunar Gatherings - Breath for Change (DE/EN)

Starts on Monday, 27/11/2023
Price 30.00 €


Lunar Gatherings

Every Full Moon 9-11 pm in arise Body & Mind 

Every month the energy of the full moon brings us the opportunity to release emotions, experiences, behavior and thought patterns, and outdated beliefs. 

We are excited to offer a series of sacred gatherings, where we create a safe space to connect with each other, meet like-minded people to reflect, cleanse and manifest your intention each month.

Together, we harness the energies of the moon to illuminate all areas of your life through different rituals and ceremonies. 


Let your breath take you on an exploration. In this Gemini Full Moon Clara will guide you through a dynamic Breathwork Journey exploring your inner capacity to be courageous. During this Luna Gathering, you will experience that courage is not something we get born with but something we all learned at some point and have to continuously practice.A lot of beautiful and important things in life require courage. We are courageous to be honest - to ourselves and others, courageous to put boundaries, and courageous to start something new… Join this session to explore your relationship to courage, experience the power of your breath and nourish your body, mind and spirit. 

Trainer :

Clara Gulde

Clara’s mission is to tackle global challenges by promoting individual and collective growth and development. She believes that to create a thriving future for everyone, we need to shift from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ culture and merge scientific knowledge with aligned action and inner development. In Clara’s classes, your head is allowed to let go, your nervous system to relax and your heart to gently open. From this state we can make a real difference in the world.


1.27/11/202321:00 - 23:00Piavestraße 15, 39100 BozenClara Gulde

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