Lunar Gatherings - Shamanic Journey (DE/EN)

Starts on Friday, 29/09/2023
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Lunar Gatherings

Every Full Moon 9-11 pm in arise Body & Mind 

Every month the energy of the full moon brings us the opportunity to release emotions, experiences, behavior and thought patterns, and outdated beliefs. 

We are excited to offer a series of sacred gatherings, where we create a safe space to connect with each other, meet like-minded people to reflect, cleanse and manifest your intention each month.

Together, we harness the energies of the moon to illuminate all areas of your life through different rituals and ceremonies. 


In this Aries Full Moon Gauri will guide you through a Shamanic Journey.

Shamanic journeying has been practised in many traditions since time immemorial.

Groups of families, friends and acquaintances have always met to work on themselves individually and at the same time to experience the supporting power of the group.

The conversations about the issues and problems to be worked on beforehand brought much into consciousness through transparency and thus into the here and now.

In my shamanic journeys, it is of course up to each person how far they want to talk about the current topic in the group.

I keep a protected safe space where everything is welcome!

On the shamanic journey one leaves the so-called everyday world for the not-so-ordinary world with full awareness. The sound of a rattle or drum supports this shift.

I guide the group to make contact with the subconscious, the underworld. One goes on one's journey to recognise the cause of the current problem. In the process, one can meet one's power animal and spirit guides, who have the task of supporting the process and also helping one to recognise what kind of energetic help one is receiving from the spiritual world.

Old injuries and traumas can be traced, possibly also those that one can no longer remember and that still have a strong influence on one's state of being.

Old beliefs that are no longer supportive are traced and replaced by new supportive beliefs. Split-off soul-force parts can be brought back into one's own system.

You always decide for yourself how far you want to go into the subject and what you want to recognise!

Through the shamanic journey, energetic blockages can be released and energies can be returned. You can gain strength, new insights and confidence and integrate them into your everyday life.

No previous knowledge or special skills are necessary.


WHAT TO BRING: You might want to bring an extra blanket, comfortable clothes and a water bottle. Contact us if you would like to clarify questions and to grasp the topic to be covered. 

Trainer :


Claudia's yoga style has its roots in classical Hatha Yoga. More than 20 years ago, she got to know integral Sivananda Yoga during a 2-year training period as an employee at Yoga Vidya - Westerwald. Her love of yoga, spirituality and healing methods led her to spend long periods of time in India and Peru. Through the numerous encounters with masters and teachers, her way of teaching yoga developed. Inspired by Asthanga- Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga, she incorporates elements of these into her classes. She combines her knowledge and intuition to structure the classes so that everyone can experience the gift of yoga.


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